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Pet Photography

I have a passion for both Photography and all Animals & Wildlife, and devote a lot of my free time to both, including my own pets. I believe pets are members of the family who provide much love and happiness and as such deserve to their own special photographs.

I can offer Pet Photography sessions to suit various requirements and pockets, including shoots in and around the Home and garden as well as out and about at locations to suit you.  I am happy to carry out Photography shoots with Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Horses and Birds.  If you have any other kind of pet you would like to have ever lasting professional Photographs of please get in touch.

I will endeavour to bring out and capture the true character of your "Furry Family Member".

Currently there are three options to choose from.

Option 1 - One off session either in your home or your favourite location.  This includes up to 2 hours shoot time (this does not include travel time), with 15 photos supplied on a disk and 10 x 8 hard copy Photograph. £29.50

Option 2 - As option 1, but for a multi pet scenario (up to 3 pets).  Includes 25 Photos on a disk and 2 - 3 10x8 prints. £42.50

Option 3 "Watch Me Grow" - Designed for Puppy and Kitten Owners, covering three individual shoots over a 12 month period showing the growth and development in both size and character. Includes photo disk and 3 10x8 prints. £69.50

Bespoke packages available - If you have something specific in mind such as a days rambling with a Collie around the Lake District or a Swimming retriever taken from the water please do not hesitate to get in touch, I will try almost anything!


Photograph Restoration

I see Photographs as cherished memories, little slides of time captured and preserved for the years to come.  Sadly however, there are instances were time can take its toll on these treasured Photographs, leaving them in need of a little TLC, which is were Photographic restoration services can be employed.  In most cases I am able to erase a lot of the effects of time and give a whole  new lease of life to a precious Photograph.


   These before and after photographs show only the tip of the iceberg of what can be achieved through Photograph restoration. 

All original Photographs will be lovingly handled were they well then be given the time and care required to give them a new lease of life.  All restored photos will e supplied on a CD-Rom, giving you the chance to keep and reproduce for years to come. 

Prices -

1 Photograph £14.50

Up to 3 Photographs £22.50

Up to 5 Photographs £30

Above 5 £POA



One off commissions are available by request, including specific Aviation and Sporting events. Please contact for further details.



All of my work is available to purchase as prints.  All prints come as standard on gloss paper and are posted securely.  special orders are available including Metallic and Giclee prints at an extra cost.  Please Note: Do not try to buy through my website directly as all photographs on the site are low resolution and are watermarked.  Please let me know which Photographs you would like and I will send you a payment directly.

7 x 5 Prints

1-4 £3.50 each

5-9 £3.25 each

10 & above £3 each

8 x 6 Prints

1-4 £4.50 each

5-9 £4.25 each

10 & above £4 each

10 x 8 Prints

1-4 £8.50 each

5-9 £8.25 each

10 & above £8 each

A4 Prints

1-4 £12.50 each

5-9 £12.25 each

10 & above £12 each

A3 Prints

1-4 £24 each

5-9 £22 each

10 & above £20 each